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In agriculture, India is a land of contradictions. The country produces 11 percent of total global agriculture and at the same time host to the world's largest number of malnourished people. Agriculture provides a livelihood for about half of the Indian population most of whom are smallholder farmers yet a majority of government agricultural subsidies are used by medium and large scale farmers. The average debt of farming household has been increased by nearly 5 folds in a decade and more than 3,00,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide.

All the major revolutions were either farm-centric or production centric with barely any farmer income increment for the farmer.

Neem Tree Agro Solutions is a company established with a mission to provide farmers with knowledge, technology, marketing and extension services for improved quality and quantity of produce by efficient adoption of technology. The company focuses on the efficient use of big data to provide decision support system for the farmers.

We look forward to your support and joint path ahead.

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